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Spotlight: a photographer’s journey

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Recreating Your Photographic Passion

Welcome to my first blog post since 2011. My blog from back then is still live. It was the reason and motivation for designing a new website, currently for non-commercial reasons.

“The economy in 2008 took a toll on my photography business and many others as well. It also took a toll on my passion to create the best images I could, at that time. I have decided to create a new website to share some of my images with you to enjoy and hopefully inspire you in some way”

My thoughts are to rotate images on a regular basis from my catalog of over a million images. I will also be creating some new content to share.

The Key To Success As A Photographer

You could say, have the best equipment or know how to use Photoshop. Both are part of your arsenal. Understanding how to configure your camera to get that perfect image. Certainly, this would make good sense.

The reality is getting the opportunity to capture the moment (the shot) and nailing it. It is similar to hitting that note on a guitar or a singer reaching for the ultimate high note. When the opportunity presents itself, do not hesitate. Jump in, the water is warm!

Craig W Smith - photographer

Top image: Three Monks on Dante's Peak - Death Valley

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